Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Merry Carmichael, ABC-Stewart School Founder, Board President

MERRY STEWART CARMICHAEL, ABC-Stewart School Founder, began ABC Early  Learning Centre in 1969 and added Stewart Elementary in 1977. She had  previously taught in Indiana public schools. She earned her B.S. and  M.S. in Education from Indiana University. She has completed two courses dealing with the Montessori materials and  philosophy. Mrs. Carmichael has represented ABC Learning Centre and  Stewart Elementary School at a number of national Montessori and other  educational conferences. She has taught several education courses at  IUPUC. Mrs. Carmichael was included in the publication Outstanding Young Women  of America. She has been awarded "The Woman of the Year 2014 by The  Republic Newspaper" and the Shining Star Award. She has served as a  Deacon and an Elder for her church, served as President of the Hamilton  Center Skate Club and been an active swim team parent in the past.

Merry and her husband, Tom, have four children. Merry's children  attended ABC, and the three younger children graduated from Stewart  Elementary. Cherie enjoys running Marathons, competes in Ironmen, and is the mother  of four daughters, Lauren Elizabeth, Madeleine Stewart, Megan Nicole and  Allison Lynd Fernandez. Suzie is a licensed social service provider. She and husband, John, are the parents of daughter, Erica, and son, Trevor.

Paul, who earned a Bachelor's in Elementary/ Secondary Education from Indiana University enjoys running. Rebecca is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. Rebecca and husband, John Kleihege, are the parents of Abby and Emma. 

Mrs. Carmichael's husband, Tom, a former teacher, is retired from his  position as Vice President of the Kroot Corporation. The family enjoys  traveling (especially to New England), swimming and music.  


Linda Becker Administrator, Board Secretary/Treasurer

LINDA BECKER joined the staff in August 1981 and is honored to be the  Administrator at ABC-Stewart. She spent her youth in Kansas and attended  the University of Kansas before moving to Kentucky and Southern  Indiana, attending the Indiana University Southeast Campus in New  Albany. Over the years, Linda has attended a number of regional and  national Montessori conferences, as well as the Administrators Program  at MECA-Seton Montessori Training Center near Chicago in 2007.

Linda has two daughters, both ABC-Stewart graduates. Kathryn Glover is a  fellow ABC-Stewart staff member who manages the school accounts  receivable and payable. Dominic and Kathryn Glover have one daughter,  Siena, born April 2009. Amy and husband, Charles Baxter, reside in  Columbus, Ohio and are the parents of Harrison (2006) and Grant (2009).

In her leisure time Linda enjoys traveling (especially to large bodies  of water) and reading, as well as any time spent with her family and  friends.   


 Kathryn Glover, Accounting

KATHRYN GLOVER has worked part or full-time at ABC-Stewart since her  sophomore year at Columbus East High School in 1989. Kathryn is a  graduate of ABC-Stewart and holds a B.S. in Applied Health Sciences  (Human Development and Family Studies) from Indiana University.

She is married to Dominic Glover, a Columbus attorney in private  practice. They are the proud parents of Siena Grace, born in April 2009.  Kathryn enjoys her time with friends in a number of local women's  groups: literature discussion, cookbook group, magazine club and garden  club.   

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


 Nikki Crawford, Two's "More or Less" Suns classroom

NIKKI CRAWFORD returns to the Twos' "More or Less" Suns Classroom. She  began at ABC-Stewart in 2002. She attended Ivy Tech Community College  and also attended the MECA-Seton Montessori Paraprofessional course.  Nikki has taken courses in childcare, child development, interpersonal  relations and family relations.

Nikki's children, Grace and Abram are ABC Stewart graduates, while son,  Benjamin, a current student. Nikki enjoys walking, scrapbooking,  reading, attending her children’s sporting activities and spending time  with her family and friends.   


 Laura Donovan, Two's "More or Less"

LAURA DONOVAN continues in the Twos More or Less Class where she began  in 2003. She is a Columbus native who attended Indiana University.  During the summer of 2010 Laura attended a Montessori Training Session.  She has been an active parent since 2001 with her daughters’ enrollment  at the school.

Laura and her husband, Ed, have three daughters: MacKenzie, Sidney and  Delaney, all Stewart graduates. Laura also has a stepdaughter, Jenelle.

In her free time Laura is an active member of Sigma Phi Gamma sorority,  and also enjoys reading, walking, crafts, travel and spending time with  her family and friends.   


Mandy Moore Two's "More or Less" & Splendid Days

Mandy Moore returns to Splendid Days and the Stars Two's class this year. Mandy's daughter, Presly, attends Stewart preschool.  

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


 Whitney King Two's "More or Less"

Whitney King joins Mandy in the Two's More or Less room. She has taught in a Montessori classroom for three years, and is excited to put down roots at ABC Stewart. Her goal is to become certified in Montessori classroom for the 0-3 age group.  Whitney has a deep understanding for toddlers and loves to observe them. She works hard to make her students feel respected, supported, loved, heard, and valued as individuals. Each day she brings along her three boys, Carter, Cooper, and Finley who also attend ABC Stewart. Her hobbies include taking her children creek stomping, preparing the environment in her classroom, and all things family.


Stefanie Stafford, Children's Garden  Preschool & Kindergarten

STEFANIE STAFFORD, a graduate of Stewart, returned to ABC-Stewart in  2015 where she began teaching in the Two's classroom. Stefanie is now a  co-teacher in the Children's Garden Preschool & Kindergarten  classroom. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Indiana  University.  


Lorna Clark, Children's Garden Preschool & Kindergarten

LORNA CLARK will be returning to ABC-Stewart this year in the Children's  Garden Preschool & Kindergarten classroom.  Lorna joined the ABC-Stewart staff in 2007, in Splendid Days and as a  substitute teacher. She has since worked in many of the classrooms as a  substitute and held a position in the Two’s Stars Class for two years  before joining the Children's Garden Classroom. In 2009, she completed  the Meca-Seton Montessori Paraprofessional course and attends Montessori  conferences and workshops when her schedule allows.

Lorna has three children; sons, Orion and Dagan, and daughter, Ava. They  live in Brown County, on a small farm, where she volunteers as a 4-H  rabbit club leader.  Lorna enjoys many fiber arts including knitting, spinning, and weaving  with wool from her flock of sheep. She also spends free time training  her Border Collie to work sheep and travels for lessons to improve her  handling skills. She loves to learn new things and has previously been a  member of a performing Taiko drumming group.  

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Amy Kiel, Children's Garden Preschool & Kindergarten

AMY KIEL began her career at ABC-Stewart in January 1992. She will  continue team teaching in Children's Garden. Amy attended Ball State and  Indiana Universities. She received training and certification at  Meca-Seton Montessori Teacher Training Center and is certified in  childcare

Amy and her husband, John, have sons, Henry and William. In her free time Amy enjoys running, gardening and traveling.

Amy is the recipient of the 2010 Reams Family Award for Excellence in Teaching.     


 Larry Powell, ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Math / Culture

LARRY POWELL is returning in the ABC Pre-school/Kindergarten program,  where he began in August 1985. He manages the math/social studies area.

He received his B.A. degree in business and economic theory from  Franklin College in 1973, and his M.S. in Elementary Education from  IUPUI in 1979. He began his interest in education with volunteer work at  Stepping Stone Pre-School and broadened his experience through 13 years  of teaching at Children, Inc. Larry was the first recipient of the  Reams Family Awards for Teaching Excellence for 2006-07, from the  Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County.

Larry enjoys reading, motorcycling, hiking, sports and crafts. He is  owner/builder/designer of his home, and has worked as an electrician,  apprentice pattern maker and auto body man.

Larry has three daughters: Meghann, Amanda, an ABC-Stewart graduate and a  Ball State graduate, and Carly. He has six grandchildren.  


Susie Signorino, ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Art

SUSIE SIGNORINO returns as the ABC classrooms' art teacher. Prior to  this position she taught in the Twos’ More or Less classroom and in  Splendid Days for 8 years, beginning at ABC-Stewart in 2004.

She earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, specializing in painting  and drawing, from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Susie is  an artist who has illustrated and published a children's book May There  Always Be Sunshine. She enjoys painting, graphic design, silversmithing  and gardening.

Her daughter, Georgia Frances, is a 2015 graduate of ABC-Stewart.    

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Brianna Cockerham, ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Science

BRIANNA COCKERHAM began in the ABC Classroom in January 2015 while she  was completing her student teaching coursework to earn an Associate’s  Degree in Early Childhood Education at Ivy Tech.

When she first began college, she wanted to find something that she was  passionate about; she wanted her decision to be something that she was  going to love to do for the rest of her life. Thus, Brianna realized  that working with young children would be her course of study and would  lead her to a career of great happiness and fulfillment. She took an  interest in Montessori and she is grateful to be able to participate in  this method.

Brianna feels that her first few years with ABC-Stewart School was an  incredible start to her career. She looks forward to all the new  adventures and memories with her students every year.

Brianna married in 2016 and in 2018 welcomed her son, Travis. She enjoys  watching her students interact with Travis in her classroom. She feels  that ABC-Stewart is a part of her family.     


Doug Warren, ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Reading / Language Arts and Stewart Physical Education

DOUG WARREN returns to the ABC staff in the Reading and Language Arts room where he began in 2017.

Doug teaches P.E. in Stewart Elementary on Tuesday afternoons.

Doug will also coach the Stewart Suns Basketball Team this year with assistance from Jerry Maulin.   .  


 Bobbie K Owens, Stewart Art

BOBBIE K OWENS, international artist and Columbus resident, returns to  ABC-Stewart School as elementary art teacher. He taught in this capacity  in the early 1990’s and returned in 2002.

Bobbie K's paintings have been featured in exhibitions across the United  States, Canada, Japan and Russia. He exhibited his work in the first  Visual Arts Exchange project in Russia. He was then invited to have a  series of three, one-person museum shows in Bishkek and Moscow.  Previously he showed in Soho, New York, at Atelier International Art  Gallery.

Over the course of many years of painting and exhibiting work, Bobbie K  has had the good fortune to participate in shows with artists David  Hockney, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Milton Avery. Some of the artists he  has had the opportunity to discuss art with are Philip Pearlstein, Daryl  Pottorf, Robert Rauschenberg and Donald Lipski. Bobbie K taught at IUPUC, ABC-Stewart, Art Gallery of Ontario School of  Art, Ball State University, John Waldron Art Center in Bloomington,  Dayton Art Institute and was resident artist at YMCA's of Greater  Indianapolis. He has worked with the NEA, The Kennedy Center and The  Center for Arts and Basic Curriculum in Washington, D.C. Bobbie  dedicates most of his time to painting, however, enjoys sharing his art  knowledge and experiences.

Bobbie and wife, Libby Jewel, have two daughters, Ali, who lives in  North Carolina with her family including Bobbie’s granddaughter, and  Carleigh, who lives in North Carolina.    

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


 Lisa Porter, Stewart Music

LISA PORTER began teaching music at Stewart Elementary in 2016. She has a  BS in Chemistry from Ohio State, an MA in teaching from UNC Chapel  Hill, and 25+ years of private and group training in choral and  instrumental music. Besides teaching at Stewart she also enjoys teaching  Chemistry at IUPUC, and working with kids at First Presbyterian in  music, drama, and service projects.   


 Sue Breeding, Stewart IT/Computer, Science & Extended

SUE BREEDING began at ABC-Stewart in the  fall of 1997 thru 2002, working in the math room, under the leadership  of Founder Merry Carmichael. She returned in August 2014 to the math  room. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management and  Marketing from Indiana University, and a  Masters in Business  Administration and Strategic Planning.

This year Sue is teaching computers in Stewart elementary and assisting  in Science. Sue also does the elementary extended and study hour after  school.

Sue enjoys traveling with her friend, Bill, writing, reading, and  playing the dulcimer.  Sue loves spending time with her children Mary  Breeding and Matthew Breeding, and her grandchildren.     


 Lori Lynn Stewart First Year

LORI LYNN joined the ABC-Stewart staff in 1995. Lori earned a degree in  Elementary Education from Indiana University Bloomington. She completed  an Orton-Gillingham graduate reading course at Butler University. Lori  received the Reams Family Awards for Teaching Excellence for 2007-08,  from the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County.

She is one of the teachers in the first-year room in the elementary  school. She team-teaches with Tonnie Lane. Lori focuses on teaching  reading, while Tonnie concentrates on the math area. The both teach  culture and science. She enjoys working with the first-year students and  making their transition from the kindergarten programs to the  elementary school go as smoothly as possible.  

Lori’s children, Bryce and Isabel are Stewart graduates.  

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Tonnie Lane, Stewart First Year

TONNIE LANE joined the ABC-Stewart staff in the spring of 1998 and  returns to the first-year room in Stewart. A graduate of the University  of Southern Indiana, Tonnie received a Bachelor’s of Science in  Elementary Education with a kindergarten endorsement. She completed an  Orton-Gillingham reading graduate course at Butler.

In 2013 Tonnie was awarded the Heritage Foundation's Reams Family Awards  for Excellent in Teaching. Tonnie’s daughter, Taylen, is a 2015  graduate of ABC-Stewart.   


 Jerry Maulin, Stewart Reading  

JERRY MAULIN has been a Reading Room teacher for Stewart since 1998. In  his time at Stewart he has coached basketball and Spell Bowl. He has  also led many summer workshops for the students that include creativity  and drama. Jerry graduated from Indiana State University with a degree  in Elementary Education. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished  Educator Award and the Red Apple Award. Jerry received the Reams Family  Awards for Teaching Excellence for 2009-10, from the Heritage Fund of  Bartholomew County.

His immediate family includes wife, Hanna Guy Maulin, and son, Joseph, a  Stewart graduate. The family lives on an old dairy farm near school.

Jerry also is a performing songwriter, with many CD's to his credit. He  also enjoys motorcycle riding, racquetball, golf and other sports. While  not holding an actual patent, Jerry believes himself to be inventor of  Pin Dodge Ball, enjoyed on rainy days here at Stewart.     


Christine Butler, Stewart Reading

CHRISTINE BUTLER returns to the Stewart Reading room. She received her  B.S. in elementary education from Indiana University, Bloomington. She  is an avid reader of children's literature and is looking forward to  sharing her love for reading with the students at Stewart.  

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Christina Varo, Stewart Reading

CHRISTINA VARO returns to the Stewart Reading Room. She has been  involved with ABC-Stewart since 1992, beginning as a parent volunteer,  substitute, and join the staff exclusively in the Reading Room since  2012.     


Terry Hileman, Stewart Science

TERRY HILEMAN returns to the Science room of Stewart School, where he  began in 2001. A graduate of IUPUC with a degree in elementary  education.

Terry is married fellow Stewart teacher, Autumn Hileman. They have two  sons, Ethan and Zeke, both ABC-Stewart students. He enjoys spending time  with his beautiful wife, and also values time spent outdoors with  fishing and golf.   


Ashlee Chodan, Stewart Culture

ASHLEE CHODAN began teaching in the Culture room in August 2017. She has   previously taught in the Two’s “More or Less” class as well as ABC and   Splendid Days. She enjoys teaching children history and geography  around  the world as well as life skills children need in their daily  lives.  

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Natasha Brockhaus, Stewart Culture

NASTASHA BROCKHAUS joins the Stewart Staff in the Culture Room after  assisting and substituting for several years. Her son, August, is a 2017  Stewart Graduate. Her daughter, Rosie, is a current student.  


Autumn Hileman, Stewart Math

AUTUMN HILEMAN will return as the lead teacher in the Stewart Math Room.  She began in the Twos' classroom in 1998, moved to the ABC  Pre-school/Kindergarten Science area, and is now in the Stewart Math  area. Autumn received her B.S. in elementary education from Indiana  State University.  

She is married to Stewart Science teacher, Terry Hileman, and has two  sons, Ethan and Zeke, both ABC-Stewart student. She enjoys scrapbooking  and time spent with family and friends.   


Reanna Tasca, Stewart Math

Reanna joins the ABC-Stewart staff this year assisting in the Math   Room. She is a Columbus native and has her Bachelor's degree in   Elementary Education with a focus in Cultural Immersion and Diverse   Populations. After graduating from IUPUC in 2013, she has taught several   courses and subjects including English as a Second Language, Math,   Civics, and Post Secondary Education. She has also spent time teaching   overseas in Costa Rica and plans on retiring there someday. Reanna lives   in Columbus with her son Everett and their dog Ramona. In her free  time  she enjoys live music, kayaking, rock climbing, and the outdoors.     

Staff at ABC Stewart School 2019-2020


Torrie Rae, Splendid Days

Torrie Rae joins Splendid Days this year.  She has a son, Aesop who is attending Stewart elementary. 


Amelia Robbins, Splendid Days

Amelia Robbins joins Splendid Days this year.  She has a daughter, Claire attending Stewart elementary this year. 


Melanie Bachmeyer, Office Assistant

Melanie Bachmeyer begins as Office Assistant this Fall.  She has been a sub in our school over the last few years.  She has two children attending ABC-Stewart - one in Children's Garden and one in Stewart Elementary.