Two's Class

Two's Philosophy

Some one recently asked us, "What  is it like in the Two's room?" (Of course, that depends on the day!) We  try to keep our procedures and practices just like or at least similar to the older preschool classes. Our goal is to help our students learn.  This month we have studied food groups, music appreciation, stories,  body parts, writing skills and tracing. We also have a goal to nurture  life skills. Our students start pouring their own juice the first day of  school. Placemats are used and put away properly at lunch time. Putting  on and taking off coats is also learned at this age. They learn the  procedures that even the elementary students practice, such as silent  minutes, the signal for quiet and shifting locations for different learning experiences. 

We have even started taking "field  trips". For us a field trip is going to a part of the school where we  usually do not go. We would need many car seats to take an "actual"  field trip and quite a large vehicle to transport our class, so we are  happy with our own version of a trip. 

We think we have the best job around. Even though we have students who are young, they are very capable and they like to say, "I can do it myself." Most of the time they are correct. They can do it themselves! Our Valentine's tea is a  great example. All the students helped make sandwiches, wrapped and cut  pickles, made punch and cut and prepared fruit. They escorted their guests to the dining table and served the readied food. This is a  highlight of the student's year! 

We will continue our education with the topic of spring. We will plant and grow flowers and learn about new life. 

To answer the question, "What is  it like in the two's room?" even though we are a little smaller, we are still getting ready for our next preschool class.